Call for Action)
ITALIANO: Chiamata all’Azione
(Resolution Point # 1 of the G.A. of June 28, 2005)

In the wake of outpatient commitment laws in the 1990s we now face a new and malevolent example of aggression by the therapeutic state: the mass mental health screening, a forced diagnose of the whole population implemented legally in Illinois, USA.

This is as outrageous an offense as the psychiatric system of forced sterilization practiced in the USA in the 1920s and 1930s which culminated in Nazi Germany in the systematic mass killing of medical genocide from '39 to '48. A genocide that started with the killing centers in psychiatric institutions in Germany and escalated into the extermination camps in eastern Europe. Against this aggression we must develop a counterattack, and suggest a completely new path for our struggle. We should cease all efforts to find doctors to support our views, because the medical profession has again proved by this offense of mass screening its fascistic-biological roots.

Instead we should join existing Human Rights NGOs. We have to break through both the objection of these NGOs to including in their agenda the Human Rights of those slandered as “mentally ill”, and their divided definition of Human Rights which splits humans beings into the “mentally ill” and others, resulting in humans and sub-humans. The psychiatric prisoners remain the forgotten “Prisoners of Conscience”.

Our existing organizations should be maintained for communication purposes, but the complete focus of our attention and effort should change to organizations such as Amnesty International. We should establish new groups against torture within these organizations and concentrate on the torture carried out by coercive psychiatry. Our first aim is for those organizations to acknowledge that forced psychiatric treatment is a form of torture all over the world, and must be banned. In this way we have a chance to get allies for our struggle, because all Human Rights groups do have to wave the insinuation, that they employ a double standard for measuring and demanding Human Rights. It is their obligation to insist on, that all humans beings have the same Human Rights and that there can never be any exception excluding people medically slandered as "mentally ill".