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George Ebert, USA won the 1st prize of the zwang contest for the best title of this photo:

Cozy, - and worth a thousand other words!


Here you see:
1. Prof. Juan Mezzich (President of the World Psychiatric Association)
2. David Oaks and
3. Judy Chamberlin from Support Coalition International
4. Prof. Thomas Kallert (Torture-Congress Organizer)
5. and last but not least Peter Lehmann (from the European Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry)

Here are the other top 9 titles of this contest:

The two 2nd prizes go to
Jan Groth, Germany:
In Dresden experts for coercive treatment searched for ways toward user-controlled and humane torture in psychiatry.
Jens Petersen, Switzerland:
The besmirched and the servile ones.
3rd prize goes to:
Thomas Szasz, USA:
Psychiatric training is the ritualized indoctrination of the young physician into the theory and practice of psychiatric violence.
Here are the others out of the 10 best (random order):
Rodney Yoder, USA:
Psychiatric thugs welcome power and coercion crazed c/s/x tokens into their coven.

Mechthild von Magdeburg, Germany:
Burying the hatchet
Psychiatrists from all over the world and top representatives of international federations of users and victims of psychiatry strove for constructive co-operation and mutual understanding at a congress of the World Psychiatric Association on coercive treatment, in order to produce even more humane psychiatric torture measures in the future.

Johann von Leyden, Germany:
Five proud of their cynicism

Karl Valentin, Germany:
Together with the head nurse the patient club has just planned an excursion

Rene Talbot, Germany:
The compliance alliance

Hagai Aviel, Israel:
Putting a face on this practice

This is a photo of a smiling group which co-operated at the WPA Congress on 6 - 8th June 2007 in Dresden, Germany. The official themes of this congress were the conceptual, ethical and technical aspects of coercive treatment: forced medication, forced feeding, involuntary admission, involuntary hospitalization, isolation, mechanical restraint, physical restraint, seclusion, sterilization and a combination of different modes of coercive treatment...

While it is understandable why the two psychiatrists in the group attend this kind of torture congress, it is puzzling why the other three - who styled themselves as speakers for the world's "consumers and survivors" of psychiatry - should collaborate with them, especially since the organizer left no doubt about the continuation of torture in psychiatry. In an interview for the mainstream press given before  the congress began, he proudly announced that

"Naturally, coercive measures in psychiatry are justified!"

So we turned to the help of the public to try and put the fitting name on this smiling group and got the above results.
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International Association Against Psychiatric Assault