ZWANG - Cover
Warning Sign! Bernburg Psychiatric Institution.
Germany 1999
Graphic: Hagai Aviel

No. 1 May 2003


Hagai Aviel

ZWANG is the Journal of the International Association Against Psychiatric Assault

A d d r e s s
International Association Against Psychiatric Assault, Spechtweg 1, 4125 Riehen, Switzerland

Bank Account
IAAPA, Credit Suisse:
Albangraben 1-3, Basel, #0060-997776-51

The Association is a Human Rights organization in the field of psychiatric coercion, established in 2002, whose aims are to abolish all psychiatric coercive measures and promote the fundamental rights of self-determination, freedom of thought & bodily integrity, liberty and human dignity

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" l am delighted to hear of the announcement of the publication of the new magazine, ZWANG, by the International Association Against Psychiatric Assault, under the supervision of Hagai Aviel.

The German word "Zwang" captures - better than does any single word in English - the essence of the evil of psychiatry, namely, being forced to submit to something harmful and unwanted. l hope the magazine will enjoy a wide circulation and bring closer the day of the abolition of psychiatric slavery. "

Thomas Szasz

Prof. Thomas Szasz

Thomas Szasz, M.D., is Professor of psychiatry emeritus at SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse, N.Y. His most recent book is "Liberation By Oppression; A Comparative Study of Slavery and Psychiatry" (Transaction Publishers 2002).







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