No. 2 - September 2004

The Bernburg case

The controversy

Double standards

The inauguration of the memorial plaque on May 2 took place with the active participation of the director of the memorial site, Mrs. Dr. Ute Hoffmann. This official acknowledgment however was suddenly revoked on May 16, after reports in the "Neues Deutschland" newspaper, apparently after pressure was exerted from the psychiatric system, which is the system of the profession of perpertrators. By e-mail it was communicated to us that the memorial plaque had been removed. We allegedly "watered down" the facts by commemorating the murder victims up to 1948. Starting from 1945 they were ostensibly no longer murdered by the Nazis. To that we replied that we were commemorating the victims, not their murderers, and that for us it does not make any difference whether the murderers committed the crimes during a Nazi dictatorship or afterwards. We pointed out that the reference to "Nazis" with regard to the physicians' murders is unfounded and reminded them of the fact that although the top Nazi, Hitler, ordered the cessation of the "Euthanasie" murders in 1941 already, the physicians ignored this instruction and the murders, in particular by systematic starvation, continued until 1948. In her answer the historian Dr. Hoffmann stuck to her story: You do not have permission for commemorating these dates.

Thus the historian Dr. Hoffmann, acting on behalf of the state, proved what a double standard she has: The good victims are those until 1945 who, together with the "Nazis", can be "disposed" of on an extraterrestial Nazi planet. These are the ones who should be "commemorated" in order to allow those who commemorate to belatedly fantasize about being allies of the victorious powers. The bad victims are those from 1945 to 1948 which were killed by the same personnel, with the same methods, under the same pretext of a psychiatric diagnosis, which became their death sentence, but they may not be commemorated. These medical murders must continue to remain forgotten.

With this double standard Mrs. Dr. Hoffmann and the state which contracted her have turned themselves into part of a protection cartell for the perpertrators. Thus the sad truth in the last sentences of Hagai Aviel's speech unfortunately became a reality: In Bernburg an obscene Peep-show of the horror cabinet on an extraterrestial planet is produced, as were it seen through a telescope. That is a Disneyland "commemoration", good for tourism, where the gas chambers at least serve the purpose of "job protection" in Bernburg - an alleged "commemoration", which actually only helps to forget.

In the meantime Hagai Aviel has collected the memorial plaque and it is on its way to Israel.

René Talbot

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