No. 2 - September 2004

The Coalition of Hypocrites
holds a press conference!
By Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrene Berlin-Brandenburg

Ernst Klee:
"It wasn't the Nazis who needed the doctors, rather it was the doctors who needed the Nazis!"

A Coalition of Hypocrites held a press conference on September 30, 2003 to announce the publication of a data base on - in their words - "Euthanasia 1939-45".
The participants were:

- The State Minister for Culture of the cynical republic, which each day delivers more proof that it is a cynical republic. In this republic the victims of the systematic mass-murder by doctors, which in the Nazi jargon was always harmlessly euphemized as "Euthanasia", are since 1939 nothing but a piece of meat (see the full version in "The Cynical Republic").

- A previous president of the German Chamber of Doctors, who became (infamously) known for his "Worst Word of the Year 1998": "Socially acceptable premature death" (Sozialvertraegliches Fruehableben). He proudly stated two years later: "Under the same conditions I would always repeat this", and even boasted in 1977 already about having mentioned "self participation by death" (Selbstbeteiligung durch Tod). To so openly publicize the wish list of the top official doctor, when the demands for doctors' fees are not met quickly enough, is eye-opening - and it rips the mask from the face of this profession, which may not go on strike simply because then it would become apparent that the death rate was falling significantly, as examples showed when some did dare to go on strike. It would therefore be absolutely derisive if he even lost one word on the mass murder by the doctors.

- the German Central Archive (Bundesarchiv), which doesn't dare destroy the files of those murdered by the doctors but does everything to keep the truth from the relatives. Here they experienced a huge defeat since Hagai Aviel from Israel published on the internet the list of over 30,000 names:
What does Mr. Oldenhage and the cover-up archive do? They prohibit anything at all about those murdered being made public and blackmails the surviving relatives by only allowing them access to the files if they sign an agreement to keep the facts secret. The relatives of the victims, according to the directives of this republic and its archive, are thus not allowed to erect a memorial gravestone, which would make public the victims of the covered-up murders.

This is how The Coalition of Hypocrites lies:
Since the Nuremberg Doctors Trials and up until 1945, the number of those directly murdered by doctors was assumed to be 275,000, which means that in the invitation to the press conference already one third of the victims were "lied away".
And then there is the most evil falsification of history: also "lied away" was the fact that the medical Holocaust in psychiatric institutions, the systematic mass murder by intentionally administering a starvation diet, continued until 1949, which resulted in another ca. 25,000 victims.
This double lie betrays what is really important to The Coalition of Hypocrites: solidarity with the perpetrators. The Coalition reveals itself as just another cartell of protection and cover-up for the perpetrators in order to prevent an independent investigation of those who were murdered, to prevent a political and moral evaluation of the mass murders, to prevent reparation costs having to be paid to the relatives of the victims.

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