No. 3 - October 2006

Exhibition in the Hygiene Museum Dresden
falsifies continuity into a break

Script of the radio broadcast in ColoRadio, Dresden, on 5.10.2006

A spectre is haunting the city - Dresden is however no longer afflicted by psychiatry only secretly, rather its criminal past and present is being re-negotiated at two large public meetings: On 11 October 2006 the Hygiene Museum opens a special exhibition, "Deadly Medicine", which more precisely should have been called "The Murderous Physicians". The inauguration of the exhibition will be accompanied by protests, the topic of today's radio broadcast. Briefly before end of this special exhibition next year, internationally organized coercive psychiatry in the form of the "World Psychiatric Association" (WPA) will hold a congress here about forced treatment on June 6- 8 / 2007.

In the original version the exhibition "Deadly Medicine" in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum still had the sub-title "Creating the Master Race" and brings up for discussion the medical ideology and the medical mass murders, which, badly enough, are unfortunately still played down by the use of the Nazi jargon "euthanasia".

The Hygiene Museum changed the sub-title into "Race Delusion in National Socialism" („Rassenwahn im Nationalsozialismus“).
Last Thursday Jan Groth was able to conduct an interview with Mrs. Uhlig of the Hygiene Museum for this programm, which we recorded and now broadcast in commentated excerpts. She answered his question about the new sub-title:

Antje Uhlig, Project Manager: [her answer – in German - can be heard here: ]
The new sub-title is a grave error, if not to say a lie about the whole matter: With the term "Delusion" ("Wahn"), an attempt was made to deny any reasoning to the murderous actions, which however is exactly what the murderers claim for themselves, first by forced sterilization, then by the gassing of the "unreasonable", the insane, the inmates of madhouses from 1939 onwards. It was thus an action against the insanity represented in the mad persons. In doing so, the perpetrators are stylized by the Hygiene Museum as victims and the guilt is thereby diminished. The use of the words "Race Delusion" tries to attach an alleged "insanity" to the mass murder, more exactly specified as "Insanity in National Socialism", in order to thereby send those who were designed by physicians with a murderous diagnosis to extermination into the same extraterrestrial orbit, in which one would so gladly like to imagine also the murderers. Thus reason winds itself around its abysses and accordingly the Hygiene Museum organizes remembrance in such a way as to ensure forgetfulness.



"Adolf Hitler
as a physician of the German people "...

... shows, how medical the Nazis were

Exhibit of the exhibition: Magazine "Volksgesundheitswacht" ("Sentinel of the people's health") 1935 No. 8 - Page 3

With which we come to the main point of criticism towards the exhibition: There is pretence of a breach, where actually continuity prevailed: After the end of the centrally organized murders in gas chambers authorized by Hitler, followed in 1941on the one hand by the export of the murder method and the personnel of the "Aktion T4" to Poland for the setting up of the extermination camps, which went into operation as a consequence of the Wannsee Conference in 1942. On the other hand the murders were continued in particular directly in the psychiatric institutions and asylums by starvation and lethal syringes. For this there was just as less a formal state contract for murder as for the murders in the extermination camps but rather a broad consensus of the murderers, their aids and confidants, who appointed themselves to be acting in the best interest and/or the will of the community.

In order to make it completely clear: naturally these victims were locked up. That is the characteristic of a coercive psychiatry, even if one still today tries to hush up its violent acts. Someone who locks up another person has taken over the control and responsibility for him/her. If the captive person is not provided with sufficient food by the captor, it is always murder if he/she dies as a result of starvation. The withdrawal of sufficient food with subsequent death can therefore only be understood as intentional, atrocious murder of the locked-up person.

This decentralized murder with the same murder methods, the same group of the victims and the same group of perpetrators continued from 1945 to 1949 in exactly the same way as it happened from 1941 to 1945. This continuity is denied by the Hygiene Museum and instead it is stated that there was a breach in the murder system in 1945 and the period of "Deadly Medicine" came to an end in 1945, although a source of documentation to the contrary is well known. Instead, in a letter replying to the demand of the International Association Against Psychiatric Assault, the Federal Association of Psychiatric Survivors, the Regional Organization of Psychiatry Survivors Berlin Brandenburg and the Lunatic Offensive not to deny those over 20.000 murder victims from 1945 to 1949, the Hygiene Museum responds with an almost grotesque criterion: the exact circumstances of each individual case of murder would have to be proven in order to correctly call it murder.

Thus the Hygiene Museum makes a burden of proof reversal starting from 1945, which would then also have to apply to the murders from 1941 to 1945. The result is that the systematically committed crimes and the systematic cover-up of these acts by the perpetrators blind out the acknowledgment of the victims as victims. This perfidious step reminds one of the scornful attempts of the Holocaust deniers when they state that certain criminological proof is missing and therefore only a fraction of the murders were committed. It is also obscene, because it assumes that the majority of over 20,000 of the victims who were allegedly not murdered but died as a result of too little medicine, of medical neglect and that they could possibly have allowed themselves to be killed by mutual consent, just as the word "Euthanasia" was used at that time in order to deny the murders. Unfortunately this euphemism is still used up until today.

Jan Groth questioned Mrs. Uhlig about this:
Antje Uhlig, Project Manager :[her answer can be heard here: ]

The museum thus adheres to representing continuity as a break. To protest this, on October 11 starting at 12.30 p.m. a demonstration will be held in front of the Hygiene Museum. In particular in the evening starting at 5.30 p.m. as many as possible should come so that at the opening celebration it becomes clear to the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Schaeuble, the American Ambassador and the Governor Milbradt that the historical falsification and the denial of over 20.000 murder victims is being contested.