No. 3 - October 2006

The Whole Truth
Our comments on the exhibi
tion "Deadly Medicine" in Berlin 2009

In 2007 we demonstrated against the "Hygiene Museum" in Dresden when it displayed the same exhibition:

newspaper article: silence about the victims after 1945
Protest in Dresden 2007

Przemilczane ofiary psychiatrii po 1945 roku

26/6/2009 Article in Haaretz
Haaretz Article in Hebrew

Falsification of history in the "Deadly Medicine" exhibition
Denial of over 20,000 murde
r victims from 1945 to 1949

A call to protest and participate in a demonstration
(Resolution Point # 1 of the G.A. of Septemer 26, 2006)

The "Hygiene Museum" in Dresden will host the Exhibition "Deadly Medicine" from October 12, 2006 to June 24, 2007(1).
However in this exhibition the medical mass murders from 1945 to 1948/49 of inmates in German psychiatric institutions by starving them to death is concealed, and history is thereby falsified.
It is one and the same group of victims and perpetrators who murdered and committed the murders from 1939 to 1949. The same murder methods were used from 1945 to 1949 as in the previous years from 1941 to 1945. Those murders are described by Heinz Faulstich in his book "Death by Starvation in Psychiatry 1914-1949"(2), and Ernst Klee documented them in his film "Sichten und Vernichten".

Compared with the whole of Germany, the then Soviet zone had the highest murder rates of inmates in the psychiatric internment camps, as proved by Heinz Faulstich. When one compares the death rates of the population outside the camps with the average death rates in the institutions in the Soviet zone, it is clear that the death rate in the institutions in the years 1946 to 1947 stood at 24%, whereas it stood at only 2,1% and 1,9% respectively for those not interned and in the year 1949 it was still 9% as opposed to 1,3%.(3)

In the four occupied zones the murders which were committed by the medical staff totalled over 20,000 victims in the period from 1946 to 1948/49, i.e. after the end of the Nazi rule.(4) In fact, one must assume that there were many more victims. The continuation of the research in this field is still ongoing. The Allies were nevertheless liberators, because after a few years under the new government in Germany, the murder rates in the psychiatric internment camps did in fact decline.

Let us now look at the U.S.A. Also in the American zone 9,9% of the psychiatric institution patients died in the year 1946, 8,0% in the year 1947 and 6,8% in the year 1948.(5) Furthermore, there was no right of asylum for the medical victims of persecution by the doctors in the U.S.A. Even if the alleged "mentally ill" were able to escape the impending gas chambers, they would have been sent back by the U.S.A. if they mentioned their medical slander.

Now back to the falsification of history by the "Hygiene Museum": Why does the "Hygiene Museum" deny the murders, against all reason? The most plausible explanation is to protect the perpetrators and to cover up the crimes of their occupational group after 1949. Then how did things continue with this supposed "scientific" psychiatry? Which new, once again putatively "humane" methods followed the murders as supposed "euthanasia"? Lobotomy, i.e. psychiatric brain surgery. Electro shocking, which is still used up until today. Insulin shock and completely new, the administering of mind-altering and bodily harmful drugs in psychiatry, always under imminent threat of coercion or direct force: being locked up and bound, complete control in a complete institution. The connecting link is coercion, which is the constant factor in all of these methods in order to obtain a so-called illness insight. Even up to today psychiatric survivors travelling to the U.S.A. can only enter the country with the lie that they have not been slanderously certified to be "mentally ill" i.e. to have "schizophrenia" e.g.

All these legalized violations of human rights begin with slanderous jargon: Here is the opinion of Prof. Thomas Szasz on this:
"Schizophrenia" is a strategic label as "Jew" was in Nazi Germany. If you want to exclude people from the social order, you must justify this to others, but especially to yourself. So you invent a justificatory rhetoric. That"s what the really nasty psychiatric words are all about: they are justificatory rhetoric, labelling a package "garbage", it means "take it away! Get it out of my sight!" etc. That"s what the word "Jew" meant in Nazi Germany; it did not mean a person with a certain kind of religious belief. It meant "vermin!", "gas him!" I am afraid that "schizophrenic" and "sociopathic personality" and many other psychiatric diagnostic terms mean exactly the same thing; they mean "human garbage," "take him away!", "get him out of my sight."(6)
The medicaly based human rights violations reached their climax in mass murder. Ernst Klee summarized this by saying: "It wasn't the Nazis who needed the doctors, it was the doctors who needed the Nazis."(7)

The International Association Against Psychiatric Assault (IAAPA), the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Psychiatrie-Erfahrener e.V., the Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener Berlin Brandenburg e.V. and the Irren-Offensive e.V. all requested that the exhibition and it's brochure be changed so as to relate the facts and to stop falsifying history. The museum directors have not heeded this request but instead will only supplement their accompanying program.

We therefore call upon the public to protest against this falsification of history and to participate in the demonstration on the opening day, October 11, 2006 at 12:30 p.m. in front of the "Hygiene Museum" in Dresden.
The opening event starts at 6 p.m., at which the Federal Minister for the Interior, Mr. Wolfgang Schaeuble, and the Ambassador of the USA will be present.

Our demands:

  • end the falsification of history - stop denying the murder of more than 20,000 by German psychiatry from 1945 to 1948/49
  • investigate, and publicize on the internet, the names of all the assumed 300,000 victims of the systematic medical mass murder from 1939-1949, so that their relatives can at least learn something about the true fate of their family members and the minimum of dignity can be restored to the victims by acknowledging that those murdered existed and had names.
  • Public acknowledgement that international - and in particular German - psychiatry, because of it´s mass murders and their torture regime, is a criminal coercive system and not a science.

We point out that the reason for establishing the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, after the Nuremberg trials and the horror at the atrocities of the systematic psychiatric mass murders in the gas chambers of the "Aktion T4", - which began in 1939 as a medical/biologistical campaign in Germany and were followed by the extermination camps in Poland, - was also to protect human rights by the rule of law, so that a person will not be forced to use rebellion as the last resort against tyranny and oppression.

International Association Against Psychiatric Assault (IAAPA), Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Psychiatrie-Erfahrener e.V., Israeli Association Against Psychiatric Assault, Weglaufhaus Initiative Ruhrgebiet e.V., Irren-Offensive e.V., Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., Werner-Fuß-Zentrum, Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener NRW e.V.

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Exhibition in the Hygiene Museum Dresden falsifies continuity into a break
Script of the radio broadcast in ColoRadio, Dresden, on 5.10.2006