Psychiatry: Fake science. Real harm.
German psychiatry: murdering back then, still torturing now
Why "mental illness" does not exist.
There is simple proof why its existence necessarilly and rationally must be denied and this takes place in three steps:  
The first step:  
The description of what an illness is: In order to speak meaningfully in the medical sense about an illness, BOTH of the following conditions must be fulfilled:  
a) an objectifiable change of the body tissue or body fluid must be present, as determined for example with the forensic investigation of a cause of death.  
b) the person who has an illness must suffer from it subjectively and/or believe that he will suffer, in other words, he must at least consider that present condition to be unpleasant and have a desire to change it. Furthermore, this is a precondition for anything like "therapy" to take place.  
The second step:  
there is no illness, UNLESS both criteria a) and b) are fulfilled, because:  
- if none of the two criteria are fulfilled, then the word "illness" can only be used as methaphor: for example "a sick joke", or "the economy is ill".  
- if a) applies, but not b), then the doctors have lost a diagnosis and an operating field: for example people under a certain height were designated simply as being "ill" and the illness described as "exceptionally short". But that becomes irrelevant from the moment that dwarfs say that they are a normal part of mankind and do not suffer because of their size. Another example is deaf people: as soon as they organize themselves as people who speak differently, the "suffering" disappears and with it the possibility to call deafness an "illness".  
- if b) does apply but not a), then it would be left up to the subjective feeling whether someone has an illness or not. Naturally so far no society has been prepared to accept the far-reaching consequences of this, because it would mean that - on the one hand - everyone could sign his own sick leave certificate and - on the other hand - the substantial function of the doctors would break down, because - in contrast to todays orthodox medicine - investigations and a diagnosis would no longer be needed, but rather any spiritual charlatanism would have the priority.  

The third step:  
The alleged existence of "mental illness" can fulfill neither the condition a) nor b) - although even the absence of one of the two conditions of these alleged "diagnoses" would fall through for a candidacy as "illness" (see The second step) because:  
- there are no objectifiable changes in the body tissue. As everyone knows, neither a blood test, nor a brainscan, nor a microscopic, X-ray or ultrasonic examination is made, let alone even a "gene test", in order to make any of the slandering psychiatric diagnoses. 
- no "suffering" accompanied by a desire for change can be present if people are regularly locked up in psychiatric prisons. Logically they are locked up because they are not there voluntarily and otherwise would leave and thereby extract themselves from the psychiatric torture methods such as four-point restraint, forced injections, electroshocks etc. and constantly having to see these fascist methods. Rather it is those who are locked up who are turned into suffering people by psychiatry, by being degraded and humiliated, with attempts to break their will, using torture methods to extract a confession in which they finally admit to their "illness", so that afterwards the psychiatrists will be able to call the whole martyr "medical" treatment. 
To sum up: The use of the words "mental illness" are about the use of a methaphor, thus only words, not actual findings or facts.  


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